Healthy life through chiropractic care
Healthy life through chiropractic care
  1. All in all-Dr. Mark Cymerint
  2. Applied kinesiology 100 hrs-Dr. Tim Francis
  3. Applied kinesiology 100 hrs-Dr. Walter Schmitt
  4. Basic vestibular exam and treatment-Dr. Mark Amos
  5. Brimhall 6 steps to health-Dr. John Brimhall
  6. Chiropractic neurology 100 hrs-Dr. Ted Carrick
  7. Chiropractic rehabilitation 100 hrs-Chiropractic rehabilitation board
  8. COX treatment-Dr. James Cox
  9. Digestive enzyme therapy-Dr. Howard Loomis
  10. Eyelight-Dr. Peter Jaillet
  11. Fellow in International Academy of Medical Acupuncture 100 hrs-Dr. John Amaro
  12. Functional Biochemistry-Dr. Astill Smith
  13. Functional medicine-Great Smokies lab
  14. Gut reaction-Dr. Barton Stark
  15. Lang integrative health seminar-Dr. Janet Lang
  16. Laser therapy-Terraquant INC.
  17. Laser, light and manual therapy-Dr. Curtis Turchin
  18. Live cell analysis-Dr. Tim O’Shea
  19. Mastering clinical nutrition-Dr. Robert Rakowski
  20. Natural therapy for autism-Dr. James Blumenthal
  21. Net a healthy return-Dr. Allen Creed
  22. Neurolink, basic and advanced-Dr. Allan Phillips
  23. NRT-Dr. Freddie Ulan
  24. Nutritional physiology-Dr.LynnToohey
  25. Overcoming weight loss resistance-JJ Virgin
  26. Percussion therapy-Dr. Jeff Rockwell
  27. Quantum Neurology-Dr. George Gonzalez
  28. Quintessential Application-Dr. Walter Schmitt
  29. Reading the signs-Dr. Stephen Stileler
  30. Taping method-Youngmee Moon, PT
  31. TBM-Dr. Victor Frank
  32. Treating the complex patient-Dr. Michael Lebowitz
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